Our accreditation process offers assurance that an academic institution meets the quality standards of online education.

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This exclusive service enables students to explore innovative, exciting and lucrative job options in topmost international firms.

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EACOL Professional Certification is an indication that the holder is capable to perform an occupation or assignment with perfection and received a certification after a detailed evaluation.

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Our Mission

EACOL was established with a mission to promote online academic and ethical standards not only in Europe, but also internationally.



If you are exploring your options for higher education online, the first question you should ask is whether a school or program is accredited. Accredited programs, whether they are online or campus-based, are periodically evaluated to make sure they’re meeting high standards of education and student assistance.

The demand for an advance, affordable and timesaving online learning system is on a rise in every corner of the world today. This is the reason why more and more online universities are joining the growing revolution and transforming their traditional concepts of campus-based education into more advance and convenient computer-based learning systems. However, maintaining quality standards in this online learning system has also become a challenge for these institutions.

Theological Seminary Institute, Chicago

College of Technical Sciences, Germany


  • EACOL Grants Full Accreditation to 5 Universities.
  • EACOL revises its QA Model to uphold Highest Educational Standards.
  • EACOL Grants Full Accreditation to 5 Universities.
  • EACOL revises its QA Model to uphold Highest Educational Standards.

Defining SUCCESS for Educational Institutes - World Over!

Academic Accreditation

EACOL provides assistance in the development and advancement of quality education.

Global Membership

For each international chapter of EACOL, native members have been inducted in EACOL's team.

Business Accreditation

EACOL provides accreditation licenses for businesses and companies established in the United Kingdom.

Assessment Report

Through regular assessments, EACOL send recommendations reports to its member institutes.

Accreditation Process

EACOL lays down criteria for accreditation, successful application of which will provide accreditation.

Licence & Seal

Incorporating the highest quality of standards in education, universities are entitled to receive EACOL.

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